miraDry® has been a great investment for my practice. It delivers unparalleled clinical results and uniformly high patient satisfaction. It has opened an untapped revenue stream in my practice. With miraDry, sweating becomes a choice, not a chance.

Christopher Khorsandi, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Las Vegas, NV

miraDry has been an invaluable tool in our practice. The device is configured to predictably and permanently damage the underarm sweat glands. Other therapies can be effective but are either temporary or invasive.

E. Victor Ross, MD
La Jolla, CA

miraDry is completely unique – it’s the only treatment that offers a lifetime of freedom from underarm sweat and odor. My miraDry patients are thrilled with their results and only wish they had done it sooner. Hands-down, it has been a great investment for my practice.

Cynthia Diehl, MD, FACS
Plastic Surgeon

The miraDry technology fits well in a busy dermatology practice. We’ve been able to serve our sweat-bothered patients more effectively using miraDry. We see real results and the treatment is relatively easy, cost effective, and satisfying.

Chad Tingey, MD
Ogden, UT

miraDry is bringing new patients to our practice, which gives us the opportunity to expose them to all of the treatments we offer.

Susan Van Dyke, MD
Scottsdale, AZ

I was rendered almost entirely sweat free after one application. I was so impressed, I decided then and there to acquire a machine for my practice, which has proven to be a very sound investment and extremely popular with patients.

David Eccleston, MD
Cosmetic Physician
Sutton Coldfield, England

For the physician, the ROI is great, miraDry pays for itself after only a few months. The consumable is inexpensive, and the device is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to the revenue stream.

Grant Stevens, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Marina Del Rey, CA

My patients love the confidence they get with permanent relief from their underarm sweat and odor. Patient satisfaction with miraDry is among the highest of the procedures we offer.

Sue Ellen Cox, MD
Chapel Hill, NC

miraDry is a breakthrough technology that changes the paradigm for people concerned about sweating – not just excess sweating, but sweating in general. With this incredible technology, we can now offer to our patients, mainly in one treatment session, a permanent reduction in the amount they sweat. This is great news for our patients and for your practice.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville, TN

miraDry has clearly been a good investment in my practice. Once we got going, we have not stopped. We find that our aesthetic patients, who come in for other treatments, become our miraDry patients, and conversely, miraDry attracts new patients that go on to do other procedures.

David J. Goldberg, MD, JD
Hackensack, NJ, and New York, NY

For me it is not just another device. It is a game changer that has transformed how we work and treat both hyperhidrosis and those who suffer from unpleasant sweating. It is one of the major breakthroughs in the industry.

Itzhak Vider, MD
Head of Medical OR
Herzliya, Israel